Sunday, October 30, 2011

에이펙 아트 프로그램을 마치며

apexart Resident
August the 15th to September the 15th,
Park Nung Saeng
Thank you very much for selecting me here today and to be able to present in front of you.
My name is Park Neung Saeng, and I've come here from Seoul, South Korea. This is the first visit to Seoul for me as a resident of the Seoul, Geumchon Art Space. As a selected member to exhibit at APEC Art it is of great pleasure for me to be able to be here. Especially to be in New York.
I'm sorry for my lack English skill but I hope that you might understand.
Firstly, my artwork is based on traditional Korean Art techniques and methods, the paintings themselves drawn on Korean Traditional Paper. Using traditional ink I draw many Korean landscapes from places which I have visited and considered. I would like to present to you my work.
From a young age, my grandmother and grandfather used to draw with traditional brushes in calligraphy, writing traditional Korean words and this let me understand the process and I became very familiar with the materials that I use. I started by drawing natural scenery and then moved onto scenes from cities.
The scenes that I have used are ones in which I have either lived or have been brought up in. Many have been from my travels, climbing mountains, hiking through the mountainous Korean countryside. Places where the wind blows with fresh air inspired me.
Through the use of traditional materials I translate the scenes that I have chosen, respecting the materials and drawing techniques, but also providing justification for nature of contemporary cities.
My interest in natural landscapes through to urban cities has provided a new perspective because of my visit to New York. I have been grateful for the oppurtunity but also looking at the amazing New York urban landscape and meeting with people here I have found a new view on my work.
Firstly, my project dates here were between August the 15th to September the 15th, but I arrived here a little early on the 12th to visit a friend in Washington D.C.
My days at APEC from the 16th to September the 12th I will now return to Korea.
In Washington D.C. I visited Port Mack canal in the centre of the city and taking a double floor bus I visited the National Offices, Memorial Statue, National Museum, The Linlcon Museum, The White House and also the University of Washington. I believe I have seen most of the major attractions.
Washington is a very convenient city to walk around and move around in. The buildings struck me has having great cultural significance especially the importance of the Museum and the Art Galleries here. I found that there was no end to the things to see here!
Actually, at first I was a little afraid of travelling here because of my cultural difference but after Washington my fear had changed to much more excitement.
For me if I compare Washington and New York, Washington seems to be the 'Father' and New York seems to be the 'Little Brother'or 'Son'
From August the 16th until now during the program I have been able to see many things and have many new experiences but feel that time is too short. Using my small knowledge of English, walking around many streets I was able to see many places I felt that this experience has become a very long English lesson for me also! Using sign languages and body expressions I was able to travel around without much difficulty, I'm ever so grateful for the people that helped me find the right bus stop, the right museum, the right street along the way. So I say thank you to all of them!
Unfortunately for the past 10 days I had caught the seasonal cold, as well as experience the occasional hurricane. One particular dream was where I was hurricane onto an apartment complex with the wind blowing all around me!
One thing I found with New York is that many people would consider the city in very similar ways. Walking around a car centred city, with the Empire State Building looming overhead always. Without a definition between day or night, Time Square was hidden within the Urban Forest, with many people from the world in this one place. The neon streetsigns and billboards, the parks were full of many different events and interesting performances, the Yellow taxis, Double decker buses, the endless cars, New York never sleeps I have experience the real flavour of the city.
The New York metro, Whitney Museum, I was able to see many world famous works of art. Buidlings that are over one hundred years old next to contemporary buildings almost like friends, the metro the city combined reminds me of films of New York that I have seen, its character, its architecture, the smell of the city.
I found New York easy to navigate, like a chess board. A city created by people, for people.
One thing that surprised me here was the importance placed on green spaces and open parks. In particular the New Jersey Park, especially the Storm King Art Centre park defined public spaces for me. Fallen trees were left as they were in order to maintain the nature. I was also particularly impressed with how individuals maintain their own private gardens which led me to believe that people placed a lot of importance on green spaces.
On undertaking the program, my most favourable location (Storm King Art Centre, Saint John Devine Cathedral, New York Library, Saint Patrick Cathedral, UN headquarters, Central Park) for the program was the Empire State Building, New York Contemporary Art Museum, MOMA, Socrates Park, Lincoln Memorial, Chelsea Market, Time Square.
Undertaking a short on month program, I was able to see walk many streets in New York, and also take the car. On my return to Korea, I will be able to understand more of New York, and more importantly more of my work, I hope to see the future of New York in the light of its artists and its museums and history. In Korea I hope that this experience of a new city will help me inform my art work for the future.
Again, I feel that the time here was too short, I particularly am amazed at the American appreciation for the Arts culture and the Arts here, and become to know why New York is the capital of such culture, I very much hope that I can come here again to see both the things that I havent had time to see this time, but also the change that might take place in the city.
I would just like to add my thanks to the people here who have helped me for the one month period which for them might be too long! Steven Rand, Cybele Maylon, Julian Gilbert-Davis, Julia Knight, thank you very much!
Thank you for giving me such good memories that I will never forget in the future.

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